Keep Your Attic Cool


You can take simple steps to save money by cooling your home from the top down:

  • Use a Radiant Barrier: This insulation blocks the transfer of heat from the roof and attic into your house and vice versa. It is shaped like the pitch of a tent covered in reflective foil. If your ductwork is in the attic and insulation is minimal, this barrier can reduce cooling costs by 8% to 12% (according to the Florida Solar Energy Center). 
  • Use Soffit Vents: Proper attic ventilation will also reduce the cost of cooling. Many houses have soffit vents located on the side of roofs that allow air to move and ventilate the space. 
  • Think About a Roof Ridge: A roof ridge creates space at the top of your attic allowing natural air to flow in and out. 

Remember to contact professionals and local experts when considering these types of suggestions as some of these options may require permits, contractors and building materials. 

This short video on attic ventilation from Air Vent, Inc. explains the importance of a proper ventilation system.

Energy Star recommends these cooling tips for your attic.