Climate Change: What Entergy is Doing

At Entergy, we believe we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our environment. This responsibility includes conducting our operations in a manner that minimizes our environmental impact and aggressively advocating for responsible environmental pubic policies and actions from others.

Environmental Commitment
In 2001, we made our first voluntary commitment to stabilize our CO2 emissions at year 2000 levels. We successfully completed that commitment in 2005 with emission levels that were 23 percent better than our target. Subsequently we made our second voluntary five-year commitment – this time to stabilize our CO2 emissions from 2006 through 2010 to 20 percent below year 2000 levels. From 2006 to 2008, we have performed better than our cumulative stabilization commitment.

Environmental Strategy
Our comprehensive environmental strategy includes initiatives to stabilize CO2 emissions, restore coastal wetlands, promote energy efficiency, improve communities from an environmental perspective and encourage recycling. Entergy is the second-cleanest utility generator among the top 10 U.S. generators.

Energy Efficiency
Recognizing the powerful benefits associated with energy efficiency, Entergy created an Energy Efficiency Task Force to identify initiatives that can reduce systemwide energy
demand by a goal of 300 megawatts. To date, 22 initiatives have been identified and are under development. In addition, our utilities continue their efforts to drive more efficient use of energy among customers.

We also secured 13,500 pledges from Entergy employees and customers during our 2008 Change-a-Light campaign to replace at least one incandescent bulb for an energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulb. Since most participants pledged to replace multiple bulbs, the campaign is expected to result in approximately 35,000 bulbs being replaced. In addition, through the Change-a-Light campaign Entergy helped purchase 10,000 compact fluorescent bulbs, which are expected to reduce 1,200 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling and pollution prevention are key elements of our comprehensive environmental strategy. We strive to reduce the impact that our operations – from our power generation plants to our corporate offices – have on the environment. In 2008, we took the following steps to recycle and reduce pollution:

  • We sold or recovered more than 18.4 million pounds of scrap material, reducing the quantity of scrap sent to landfills.
  • We recycled or sold more than 878,000 tons of coal ash, which is 91 percent of the amount we generated in 2008. Our ash-recycling rate is more than double the industry average. As a result, our local communities face lower risk from waste storage sites. When the ash is recycled in ready-mix concrete, roofing shingles and aggregate for road construction, it reduces the environmental impact associated with the production of these materials.
  • In 2008, we converted 423 tons of copy paper to 30 percent recycled-content paper, which resulted in 3,047 fewer trees used, 2,121 million BTUs less energy used and 267,688 pounds less of CO2 equivalent emissions. In addition, we started to promote the use of recycled paper for stationery, envelopes and business cards, which resulted in the use of 2,828 pounds of recycled-content paper.
  • We recycled 921 pounds of rechargeable batteries from 99 Entergy locations enrolled in Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s “Call2Recycle” program.
  • We generated 46.0 tons of hazardous waste compared to 62.3 tons generated in 2007, a decrease of more than 25 percent.

Environmental Grants
For nine years, Entergy has supported the communities it serves by funding projects that help preserve the environment for future generations. In 2008, Entergy awarded $350,000 in Environmental Stewardship Grants to 38 organizations, a 40 percent increase from the $250,000 awarded in 2007. The focus of 2008’s Earth-friendly projects included environmental education, forest restoration and eco-tourism.

In addition to our Environmental Stewardship Grants, we awarded $50,000 in Keep America Beautiful grants. In partnership with Keep America Beautiful and its local affiliates in our service areas, Entergy supports a variety of projects including litter prevention, preservation and beautification efforts, and volunteer neighborhood clean-up programs.

Environmental Alliances
Entergy joined with 15 other companies in 2008 as a founding member of the American
Carbon Registry, one of the largest online registries for voluntary and pre-compliance carbon markets in the United States. The registry will serve to provide transparency over ownership claims concerning emission reductions, support market transactions of verified emission reductions, record validated greenhouse gas emissions profiles and document the environmental integrity of registered greenhouse gas emissions. We believe our eight-year track record of leading by example and stabilizing emissions makes Entergy a credible advocate for action on the climate change issue.

We joined with other investor-owned electric companies to form the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance, which is working with the Edison Electric Institute to improve the environmental performance of non-fuel suppliers. The Alliance is expected to engage suppliers to improve impacts on air emissions, water consumption, landfill reduction and energy efficiency.

Entergy has also been an active member of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions’s Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC) since 1999. The BELC is the largest U.S.-based association of corporations focused on addressing the challenges of climate change and supporting mandatory climate policy. There are currently 43 mainly Fortune 500 member companies with combined revenues of over $2 trillion and over 4 million employees active in the BELC.