About Make an Impact

Climate change is arguably the most critical sustainability issue of our time. Its effects are being felt around the corner and around the world. And to make a real difference we all need to take action - on all fronts and at all levels, individually and together.

In response, Entergy and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions have partnered to provide the tools enabling others to act - in their homes and in their communities - to make an impact.
As a business, Entergy has taken a leadership position on addressing climate change inside our operations, across our industry and within our communities.

At Entergy, we believe we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our environment. This responsibility includes conducting our operations in a manner that minimizes our environmental impact and aggressively advocating for responsible environmental public policies and actions from others.

Our comprehensive environmental strategy includes initiatives to stabilize CO2 emissions, restore coastal wetlands, promote energy efficiency, improve communities from an environmental perspective and encourage recycling. Entergy also maintains memberships with a variety of environmental alliances focused on addressing these issues.

But our progress to address climate change and environmental concerns would not be possible without  the commitment, dedication and skill of our 15,000 employees across the U.S.

And their commitment to a sustainable future has the potential to build capacity.

We believe that by working together, real outcomes on climate change can be achieved.

By providing our employees, customers, and local communities the tools and knowledge to manage their individual environmental impact in their corner of the world, we support them in being part of the solution to global climate change.

Because individually we can make a difference. But together we can Make an Impact.



Growing concern around the environmental impacts of climate change and rising energy costs has prompted many of our employees and customers to question what they can do to take action.

In response, the Entergy Charitable Foundation and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions have partnered on Make an Impact - a unique community focused project aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing action on climate change in Entergy communities.

Make an Impact will provide the tools and resources for Entergy employees, customers, their families and local community to understand and manage their individual carbon footprint.

The program features:

  • This dynamic website with tips, tools and resources on how to reduce energy bills and live more sustainably;
  • A custom-built carbon calculator featuring best practice individual carbon ‘footprint’ analysis and personalized action planning;
  • A comprehensive outreach program of educational workshops and hands-on activities to support local action and encourage sustainable change.